Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Exercised space token creation at UCL-HEP

Thought it was neat to give it a try and created as a test a small reservation for dteam, following the instructions on the LCG Twiki. All went well and all the tweaks for SL3 / gLite 3.0 worked well. Only oddity was that:
[root@pc55 root]# dpm-reservespace --gspace 10M --lifetime Inf --group lcgdteam --token_desc dteam_10M
send2nsd: NS009 - fatal configuration error: Host unknown: UNUSED
invalid group: lcgdteam
[root@pc55 root]# dpm-reservespace --gspace 10M --lifetime Inf --gid 2688 --token_desc dteam_10M
worked well. Perhaps due to the fact that the group id is not the same as the VO name?? (tried also with 'dteam' in place of 'lcgdteam', but had the same error.

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